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September 07
Day 1: ... And they're off!

Take Off

Good morning, parents!  This is the first entry in our Sydney/Canberra 2015 blog.  Mrs Perna will be sending me daily update texts of any important information, and I’ll pass that on to you.  You all have the itineraries, so know what the children are up to each day, and the children will want to share their photos with you when they return, so this will just be a quick, daily update.  I’d much rather the teachers be involved with and supervising your children while they’re away rather than putting together a blog!
So, all the children (and the required adults!) made it on to the plane without incident, which is a great start.  Mrs Perna reported back that the children were very quiet and well-behaved on the flight to Brisbane, and that they became a little more enthusiastic on the flight from Brisbane to Sydney - not badly behaved, but more excited, which is great.
I'm not sure how well everyone managed to sleep; the first night of a school trip is always an exciting time!  I've asked Mrs Perna, but she hasn't responded to that question yet.  It could be that after a night of little sleep she lacks the strength required to text.  She did say the behaviour last night at the accommodation was excellent, and the kitchen staff there made a point of letting her know what fantastic manners the children have, making eye contact with everyone they’re talking to and using big, beautiful smiles.
So, it sounds like they’re having a great time so far, and being really well behaved.  What more could a Principal ask for?


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