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March 11
Fundraising committee

A​t the ​recent Year 6 Sydney-Canberra Trip meeting, it was decided that people who were interested in setting up a fund-raising committee would meet at a later date to discuss their fundraising ideas.  A representative/s of the committee would then attend a P&C meeting to discuss their ideas.

A letter was sent out to all Year 6 parents to guage what model of benefitting from the fundraising would be adopted.

While it doesn't affect me directly, I'm going to float a date, time and place to get the fund-raising ball rolling. 

The Duke of Wellington,

Sunday, 13/03/2016


Please comment below if you're interested in joining the committee, and have alternative suggestions for dates and times.

September 11
Day 5: Canberra




The children saw the War Memorial yesterday, and there just didn’t seem to be enough hours in the day – they enjoyed it so much, they could have quite happily spent much longer there.  The timing was good, though, since they managed to find the Cosgroves, and have a chat to them in their front garden, which was a highlight for everyone.  I think it’s fantastic that your children are so interested in our country’s history, and in meeting people who have such an impact on their lives.
Most of today will be spent travelling back home for their arrival at 4:30, which I’m really looking forward to.  I look forward to seeing you all there.
September 10
Day 4: Canberra



A great day had by all yesterday.  After a relaxing bus ride from Sydney to Canberra, the children had lunch at Parliament House.  Parliament was sitting, and the children heard the bell rung 3 times to call the Senate in for a division vote.  The children were just leaving the Senate when the bell rung – Imagine how different life in Australia might be if our children were in there voting along side the Senate.  A sobering thought!
After a full schedule at Parliament house, Questacon was next on the list.  Reports are that the children loved it, especially the big drop!
Once again, the teachers were complimented on the children’s behaviour.  Fantastic news.
September 09
Day 3: Sydney




After such a busy day on Day 2, everyone (but especially the teachers, I suspect!) enjoyed the slower pace and later start of Day 3.  They had a nice time at the Powerhouse Museum, and spent the afternoon at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Center.
They arrived back at the accommodation, exhausted despite the slower pace, and went straight to sleep after watching a movie.  The children should be arriving in Canberra on the coach at any moment now, ready for the more political side of their journey.
September 08
Day 2: Sydney

A busy day by all accounts, with ferry rides, Taronga Park Zoo, the Opera House, a visit to the Imax and night bowling all on the agenda.  More comments about how well the children are behaving, which is lovely to hear and a real credit to you parents.
Everyone got back to their accommodation at 10:30 last night, and after such a busy day, I’m sure everyone was exhausted.  In fact, everyone slept in till 7:30 this morning!  It’s alright for some!
September 07
Day 1: ... And they're off!

Take Off

Good morning, parents!  This is the first entry in our Sydney/Canberra 2015 blog.  Mrs Perna will be sending me daily update texts of any important information, and I’ll pass that on to you.  You all have the itineraries, so know what the children are up to each day, and the children will want to share their photos with you when they return, so this will just be a quick, daily update.  I’d much rather the teachers be involved with and supervising your children while they’re away rather than putting together a blog!
So, all the children (and the required adults!) made it on to the plane without incident, which is a great start.  Mrs Perna reported back that the children were very quiet and well-behaved on the flight to Brisbane, and that they became a little more enthusiastic on the flight from Brisbane to Sydney - not badly behaved, but more excited, which is great.
I'm not sure how well everyone managed to sleep; the first night of a school trip is always an exciting time!  I've asked Mrs Perna, but she hasn't responded to that question yet.  It could be that after a night of little sleep she lacks the strength required to text.  She did say the behaviour last night at the accommodation was excellent, and the kitchen staff there made a point of letting her know what fantastic manners the children have, making eye contact with everyone they’re talking to and using big, beautiful smiles.
So, it sounds like they’re having a great time so far, and being really well behaved.  What more could a Principal ask for?
May 14
Recording assemblies

Recently, our children have begun asking if they can share their learning on our Friday Assemblies.  One of our parents has asked if it's possible to record the assemblies so they could be available on request to parents who are unable to attend.  This is a great idea, and we're looking into how we can go about it, as there are child protection issues around the use of video images of children.  Hopefully, we can come back with a solution soon.  Great idea!

March 26
Let us know what you think!

Email in to or pop in with a suggestion, and if it's something we can address, I'll let everyone know about it here.​  All suggestions are welcome.

March 24
We welcome your feedback

Good education involves a partnership between parents, children and school staff.  If you have any suggestions about how we could make things better for your children, please email us with your suggestions, or pop in and see me.  I'll be posting on this blog a sample of the suggestions we act on over the course of the year.