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Folder: Class Newsletters 2017Class Newsletters 2017Class Newsletters 2017
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Folder: Curriculum 2015Curriculum 2015Curriculum 2015
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Folder: PoliciesPoliciesPolicies
Walkerston SS Snapshot Report 2014.pdfWalkerston SS Snapshot Report 2014290 KB
2015 Curriculum Plan.pdf2015 Curriculum Plan1372 KB
SIU - Walkerston State School Executive Summary 2016.pdfSIU - Walkerston State School Executive Summary 2016381 KB
BOOKLIST 2017.pdfBOOKLIST 2017590 KB
Enrolment Pack.pdfEnrolment Pack1824 KB
School logo small.pngSchool logo small8 KB
Walkerston SS DA 5 Page Profile.pdfDiscipline Audit 5 Page ProfileWalkerston SS DA 5 Page Profile368 KB
Walkerston SS DA  ES 2014.pdfDiscipline Audit Executive Summary 2014Walkerston SS DA ES 2014282 KB
Discipline Audit Parents and Carers fact sheet.pdfDiscipline Audit Parents and Carers Fact SheetDiscipline Audit Parents and Carers fact sheet199 KB
QuickReferenceGuideEarthquakes.pdfEarthquake GuidanceQuickReferenceGuideEarthquakes247 KB
Fact-Sheet-for-Parents-and-Carers.pdfFact Sheet for Parents and CarersFact-Sheet-for-Parents-and-Carers439 KB
Great Results Guarantee - CQR - Walkerston State School.PDFGreat Results GuaranteeGreat Results Guarantee - CQR - Walkerston State School275 KB
GRG Report 2015.pdfGreat Results Guarantee Report 2015GRG Report 201569 KB
infectious-diseases.docInfectious Diseasesinfectious-diseases50 KB
internet-access-agreement.docInternet Access Agreementinternet-access-agreement77 KB
Investing for Success - CQR - Walkerston State School.PDFInvesting for Success - CQR - Walkerston State SchoolInvesting for Success - CQR - Walkerston State School247 KB
I4S - CQR - Walkerston State School.PDFInvesting For Success Agreement 2018I4S - CQR - Walkerston State School63 KB
MSHS Academic.pdfMSHS Academic ScholarshipMSHS Academic1226 KB
MSHS Culture.pdfMSHS Culture ScholarshipMSHS Culture847 KB
MSHS Sport.pdfMSHS Sport ScholarshipMSHS Sport846 KB
Responsible Behaviour Plan.pdfResponsible Behaviour PlanResponsible Behaviour Plan1364 KB
school-information.docSchool Informationschool-information59 KB
consent-form.docStudent (under 18) consent formconsent-form139 KB
uniform.docUniformuniform38 KB
values-and-beliefs.docValues and Beliefsvalues-and-beliefs42 KB
WALKERSTON PROSPECTUS 2016.pdfWalkerston Prospectus 2016WALKERSTON PROSPECTUS 20161663 KB
Walkerston-SS-2012-Summary.pdfWalkerston SS 2012 Executive SummaryWalkerston-SS-2012-Summary110 KB
Walkerston-SS-8-page-profile.pdfWalkerston SS 8 Page ProfileWalkerston-SS-8-page-profile261 KB
Walkerston SS Enrolment Management Plan.pdfWalkerston SS Enrolment Management PlanWalkerston SS Enrolment Management Plan56 KB